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Paul Power’s Solo Ads

Hey Guys,

Here’s the result for Paul’s solo Ads… firstly i have to say Paul is an awesome solo seller!

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I have worked together with him for a while and he is an upright internet marketer! So he sent a 100 click solo ad for me and guess what? I got 229 clicks! 120% overdelivery! and i got 101 optins! I made 3 sales from his traffic as well! So, overall , i give him a 5 out of 5 star rating for his solo ads…I recommend Paul!


Buy a solo from Paul here:

2 Best Autoresponders for List Builders

So if you could guess it… Yes, it would be Aweber and Getresponse for me! Why?

Here’s why…

Aweber Autoresponders have one of the best support! Not only that, their mails usually get into the inbox of your recipients compared to ARs like ImnicaMail and etc. They’ve got a long history and are pretty established in this niche so you can be sure that Aweber is a reputable company that will provide the best service to meet your marketing and list building needs. What i love about them as well is the user friendly interface.

Furthermore, they’ll let you get a $1 trial for the 1st month right here! ==>

Getresponse Autoresponders are another good choice. They’re pretty stable with good spam compliant measures. The interface is slightly more complicated than awebers but the delivery rate is just slightly better. That means more mails reach your clients/list. So if you ask me to rate get response, i’ll give you 5 starts for them. Service is slightly lower than awebers but they are quite worth it as well.

Access Get Response Here! ==> clickable getresponse link

Gary L. Lewis Solo Ad Services Review

Hey Guys,

As you know, i’m an avid list builder and solo ad seller. Plus i also do tons of affiliate marketing. SO right now, i just want to share some good stuff with you such as to review Gary’s Solo Ad Service which i used recently.

I bought a 250 click solo from him and I received 260 unique clicks and 102 optins.

That would be around 41% optin rate. Pretty high optin rate if you ask me. The plus point for this solo ad seller is that he offers a very friendly and reliable service.

Get Gary’s Solo Ads here ==>

Commission Avalanche Review

Hey Marketers!

Let me bring you the New Launch by Jimmy Kim! Pretty cool stuff here. It’s called Commission Avalanche and i’ve seen the product and am gonna give a review of it!


We’ve got a bonus when you purchase through us!

We’ve included a $47.00 bonus for you after your purchase! All you have to do is enter your receipt here:

Commission Avalanche Access

So… what is Commission Avalanche?







Commission Avalanche is a product by Jimmy Kim which includes a 10 Week LIVE Online Bootcamp where you learn everything you need to get online. It’s not

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some E-book or a rehashed course. So it’s gonna be pretty good! The methods that Jimmy Kim teaches in Commission Avalanche is the very techniques that he uses to gain his

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success online.

From the different ways to generate a steady flow of traffic to setting yourself aside from other marketers and promoting affiliate products, he gives us the WHOLE Complete package!

He also pumps us with 3 Software that automates all these processes to ensure we make the cash with much less effort. If you ask me, i’ll give a 5/5 Star Rating!

Most importantly, So can we make money from it?

Yes of course! His techniques are one of the best though simple. His traffic techniques are good although common, but the real meat is in how he sets himself apart as a marketer and ensures buyers buy from his affiliate links rather than others!

For a $47.00 Product, just the 10 week live webinar is already more than worth it, what more is that he pumps you with 3 automation software!

I got the chance to try it much earlier before the launch and I turned those on for 3 days!











As you can see, some commissions still flowed in even when i turned it off after 3 days!

So yes, we can make some money from Commission Avalanche here!

We’ve got a bonus when you purchase through us!

We’ve included a $47.00 bonus for you after your purchase! All you have to do is enter your receipt here:

Commission Avalanche Access

Word From Jimmy the man himself… on Commission Avalanche

We’ve got a bonus when you purchase through us!

We’ve included a $47.00 bonus for you after your purchase! All you have to do is enter your receipt here:

Commission Avalanche Access

Making Money Online From Fiverr?

Hey guys,

It’s Abel again and it’s been a while since I have wrote. So many people have questions about using Fiverr to make money for themselves. Although it is at a low price point – $5, you still can make a decent amount of money from Fiverr!

Let me tell you why making money online with Fiveer is good…

#1 Fiverr has tons of traffic which your normal site doesn’t have.

Fiverr has thousands of visitors every single day and many of them who get on Fiverr are usually buyers. So let’s see, thousands of interested prospects coming to fiverr looking for your stuff!

#2 Low price point = more conversions

At the low price point fiverr has, many people are more willing to spend. On top of that, they already know what the price is, so that means that the visitors who land on the page tend to be more easily convinced as long as they like your stuff.

So how do we generate cash then?

#1 Look for the interests of buyers

Let’s say, people need simple SEO work and that takes you quite little time. So you have to combine the less tedious work + interesting. The more interesting but helpful a Fiverr Gig is, the better it is. For example, customized video entries are really good!

#2 Learn to give good service

Customers always look for good services. If  you can offer good customer service – fast & polite replies do well, making money online with Fiverr shouldn’t be a problem. Most importantly, deliver the gig fast!

#3 Do something unique!

Fiverr has many replicated services and if you can offer a useful and unique service, you might just stand out!

Some extra tips to make money online with Fiverr…

When you offer your first service, give them a really good deal. Even though you may be making a small loss the first time, you will have gained many repeat customers where you can offer them more fair deals :)

Guest Post: Where’s Your Sales Funnel?

Where’s Your Sales Funnel?

My What?

Your Sales Funnel, that thing that makes you all the money from your list.

Oh oh..

I am constantly amazed at the two major things that newer people to marketing seem to completely miss. First is that they need a way to collect money if they intend to make money online using Email Marketing.

The other is that they need a vehicle to get people to that shopping

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cart or PayPal button. That item is generally called a Sales Funnel.

In very simple terms, a Sales funnel is just a series of pages, and sites that tell people about a product, get them to sign up for your list; send them to a sales page, then to a payment site, then a download site.

In more simple terms, a way to make a sale online. Of course, there are more pages and more complexities to the funnels depending upon several other conditions. One time offers; upsells; downsells; and upsells from a upsell or a downsell and on and on it goes. (lol)

The point is, that most people get caught up in just building that list that’s going to make them the money that’s in the list. (lol) Most are actually taught that they should just offer people free products to get them to sign up for the list and ‘worry’ about selling to them after they get on the list.

Well, that’s one way of doing it. But, what is happening there is that you are actually training them to expect nothing but free stuff from you. The better solution is to mix free stuff with sales products. That way they won’t always just be expecting free stuff from you.

One good way to ‘train’ the people to expect items to buy from you is to start training them by selling low cost items, those $5 and $7 and $10 items. Then, as you and they grow, so can the prices of your offers to them.

Finished sales funnels can be purchased at your favorite PLR store or site, they come in all varieties and number of pages. Or you can have a custom funnel made for you by experienced marketers.

To Your Success,
Daylynne Starr








Resource Box:

Daylynne Starr is a popular successful marketer, and award winning author. Her Blog features some excellent teachings and a variety of her many online books.



Earning Money Online? Possible?

Many people have doubts about generating a full-time income online or even making a single dollar off the internet. I would not fault them as most people use and leverage on the power of the internet to do dishonest and illegal dealings. Such people scam honest internet surfers every single day and many people are afraid of being scammed. Scam artists like these make us, honest online businesses, look bad.

So what are certain methods that you can generate income online? In my perspective, most people generate income from Pay Per Click Advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Yahoo’s Chitika, Clicksor and many more. How do these work? When webmasters create their websites, they optimize and put these ads into their content. Firstly, their content must be of good quality so that they can continually draw repeat visitors back. Next, when they drive visitors into their website and the visitors click on certain interesting ads, the webmasters get paid by the networks.

Another popular method that people earn money from is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works in

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such a way that when an affiliate refers traffic through the specific affiliate link to the vendor’s website and the traffic buys, the affiliate earns a commission. Commissions can range from 25% all the way to 100% but it depends on how much a vendor would want to give the affiliate. Usually vendors would give 100% if they would want to encourage more sales to build their brand rather than to make a profit. Some such networks are clickbank, commission junction, payspree, digiresults, etc.

Although many people say that earning money online is impossible, I just hope that i’ve shown you certain methods that have changed your mind. These methods of earning money are legal and people do generate a stable income online.

Do look out for the next post where i go deeper into generating a good income online.


Search Engines Vs Social Media

Both search engines and social media networks have great marketing power and when one can tap on that strength, you can be sure that marketing would be a breeze to you. But both search engines and social media networks run very differently. We can say that both do have their pros and cons. So in this post, we will be discussing on the strengths and weaknesses of search engines and social media networks.

Search engines have been one of the oldest mediums that people market their products, services and websites. So how do internet surfers find what they need? It’s pretty simple. All they have to do is type a certain word or phrase into the search box and voila! The results of the most relevant websites pop out.

Whenever a person types a certain keyword into the search box, the search engine finds websites that have the most number of the same keywords in their content. Inbound links from relevant websites will also help a website move up the results page. So how does a search engine determine whether a website is relevant? First, a search engine will send crawlers to crawl the website and look for the keyword density of the important keywords. It will also crawl other sites to see if there are any links pointing back into the site Next, they will determine the importance of the website for the relevant keywords and rank it in the results page. People try to rank their websites by doing search engine optimization by fulfilling all these criteria and beating their competition to it. Usually, those higher on the results would get most of the visitors.

Social media networks work in a different way from search engines. It is better in a sense as it has a more viral effect. Let’s take facebook for example. When a person likes a page, it gets updated on his wall. His friends would see it and if they like it as well, their friends see it as well. You get the point yeah? So in a way, social media spreads far and wide. However, unlike search engine traffic, these traffic aren’t as targeted and aren’t as easy to convert into sales as those who specifically search for the keywords. And why is this so? When a person searches for a product, he or she is more likely to get it as they have a desire or a need for it.

So are search engines or social media networks better? It would be for yourself to decide. But marketing in both areas would increase your chances of making sales.


What is Internet Marketing?

Many of us think of internet marketing as a “get rich quick” scheme or a good way to earn money. Is that really true? Only to a certain extent we can say that internet marketing can be a good way for us to earn money. However, we should always refute the idea that it is a “get rich quick” scheme. I mean, if we do things properly, we can be sure that we will generate a stable source of income. Internet Marketing should be treated like any other normal business and all the relationships that we make should be nurtured with great care if you want to be successful.

So having said that, what exactly is internet marketing? Internet marketing is the means of advertising, or spreading the word of something or someone. But then how do people earn from internet marketing? Of course when you have the means to spread the word, people do captialize on the demand and charge others a certain fee for their efforts or service. Just like paying for Pay Per Click, advertisement banners or e-mail advertisements.

Internet Marketing can earn you a lot of money only if you apply the right technique. And these techniques can either be discovered by you or anyone who happens to chance upon it. People then sell these techniques to help others and themselves earn money. These are what many do in the internet marketing niche. So not necessarily everything that is sold to you can be counted as “spam” but quite a lot of these products are actually worth more than what they are priced at.

So when you look at a product, think twice before closing the window or buying. This could be a decision that you might regret. Always look at the potential and see what others do not see. That will be when you can be successful.